10 queer nft artists to support this pride

5 min readJul 26, 2021

Just in time for the last pride month celebrations of this year we have a special treat for you. Companies all over the world are announcing their pride campaigns and hoisting their rainbow flags. But what exactly are these stores and brands supporting? Do the huge amounts of money they make with their one-month pride specials actually go towards securing and elevating LGBTQ+ rights or is it nothing more than a marketing stunt?

This year, we want to give you an alternative to mainstream pride campaigns. We’re asking you to give your money right to the source: The queer community itself.

Here are 10 queer nft artists you should buy art from this pride.

1. Diana Sinclair (they/she)

Diana Sinclair is a Black queer photographer and artist from NJ/NYC, creating work around understanding and expressing identity. Diana is a true pioneer of championing inclusivity within the NFT space. In duality with her art, her activism has also come to flourish and had effect internationally. As a strong advocate for queer, trans, and Black Lives Matter, she has tried to involve those subjects in her artwork or initiate other projects that benefit those causes. She recently co-founded @herstorydao, a DAO that aims to preserve, incubate and celebrate the art and culture of marginalized voices in the metaverse.

2. Zak Krevitt (he/they)

Zak Krevitt is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ+ communities. For over a decade, he has been working with, marching for, and fundraising alongside his queer community for a variety of related causes. Most recently he began long distance cycling while shooting, in conjunction with fundraising efforts for HIV/AIDS. His work lives within this passion for queer advocacy, and represents his lived experiences both public and private. The work also deals heavily in concepts of transformation, post-humanism, power-exchange, anthropology, and the ability to create authenticity through photographic crystallization of reified desire. Krevitt is a Professor at the School of Visual Arts Department of Photo and Video in NYC under the guidance of Joseph Maida. He hopes to impart a spirit of activism, adventure, community and creative expansion into his students.

3. Sarah Zucker (she/her)

Sarah Zucker is an artist + writer based in Los Angeles. Her work merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge + obsolete technologies. She works across mediums, specializing in mixing digital and analog video techniques and the use of VHS. Her GIF art has been viewed over 6.6 billion times on Giphy. She has been involved in Crypto Art since early 2019, tokenizing single and limited editions of her screen-based artwork on the blockchain.

4. Bradley Ziffer (he/they)

Bradley Ziffer is an artist whose work is constrained to no medium. By leveraging art to process and communicate emotion, they are able to sustain a sense of stability. Bradley’s work is often connected to the energy and experiences of a multi-cultural background, with a blossoming sense of self-identity. With a focus on creating change, profit from work released by Ziffer is always distributed to a diversified spread of initiatives focused equality and opportunity.

5. Jesse Soleil (they/them)

Jesse Soleil is a 2D and 3D creator who has already sold 17 individual NFTs throughout their crypto art career. Jesse describe their work as “digital therapy”. They have become a vital member of the NFT community and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

6. SamJ (they/them)

SamJ is a non-binary artist who is known for their unique and playful designs. In Sam’s own words: My design aesthetic and what interests me as an artist is heavily founded within my queer identity. Assuming I already stand out in public as a queer person, I am not afraid to go further and be more unique than most in my design. I like to think my creative approach to design is unapologetic and borderline absurd. One could easily say my work is almost campy. Someone once told me my work looked like it was from kindergarten, frankly I think thats chic.

7.Edgar Fabián Frías (they/them)

Edgar Fabián Frías is a nonbinary, queer, indigenous (Wixárika), Latinx, and Brown, multidisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist. They work in photography, video art, sound, sculpture, printed textiles, GIFs, performance, social practice, and community organizing, among other emergent genres. Most recently, they have integrated their diverse practices and collaborative partnerships into the creation of large-scale interactive installations and experiences. Seeking to alter states of awareness through the creation of temporary sanctuaries that act as conduits for respite, empathy, self-reflection, humor, and curiosity.

8. Kate The Cursed (she/her)

Katherina “Kate The Cursed” Jesek is a 22y/o transgender woman from New York. Katherina is a visual artist working with vintage cathode-ray televisions and digital art tools of the past and present to create a hopeful, nostalgia-fueled aesthetic for the future. Check out the work of the self-proclaimed baroness of the queer underworld!

9. Niall Ashley (they/them)

Niall Ashley is a self-taught painter making NFTs. Niall creates colourful large-scale paintings which examine bureaucracy, class and racial identity, sampling from their Black experience and childhood in Bristol. They have most recently exhibited works at Tate Britain’s Tate Late, and are completing the remainder of their studies at Central Saint Martins in London.

10. FEWOCiOUS (he/him)

FEWOCiOUS is a pop surrealist artist making digital artwork that shows how he’s feeling that day. FEWOCiOUS also co-hosts podcast ART ART ART with Jonathan Wolfe, talking about their experiences as young artists, detailing their creative processes, interviewing other artists, and more.




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