join the genesis treats club — token airdrop for first 40 erotic NFT creators —
2 min readSep 7, 2021

join the genesis treats club — token airdrop for first 40 erotic NFT creators on

The marketplace is finally up and running. We couldn’t be happier with our first round of development and the product we’ve managed to create for our community. But, the best is yet to come — we are doing a crypto token airdrop!

Help us kick-start the launch of the world’s one and only blockchain-based marketplace for erotic NFTs. We need our community to make sure that the space we are creating grows and becomes a home for erotic artists and collectors from all over the world.

The first creators have already started minting work on nftreats and our feed is starting to look exactly like we hoped it would. You can find a diverse range of artists and work on nftreats and the number of NFTs and artists keeps growing and growing.

We want to reward early adopters of our platform, so we came up with a game that ensures equal chances for everyone. Soon we will be launching our native governance token $TRTS, nftreats will be conducting an airdrop to the 40 first erotic NFT creators that mint work on our marketplace, starting from 07/09/2021. If you know someone who is an erotic NFT creator — share this blog post with them 😉

Joining the Genesis Treats Club comes with a variety of perks and exclusive rights. Here is how it works:

Join The Genesis Treats Club

Here is how it works:

1. Sign up as an artist on and mint your first NFT(s)
2. Share the image of your very first NFT on your Instagram stories and tag @nftreats_art
3. Tag 3 artists you want to see on nftreats in the comment section of this post

The prize:

1. You are going to be among the first group of people who will receive a considerable amount of our token once it launches.

2. You will be added to the exclusive “Genesis Treats Club” discord channel where you will receive first-hand updates and tips and get to have a say in the development of the platform.

3. Out of the 40 first artists we will randomly choose 15 who will get an exclusive feature about themselves and their work on our blog “treats zine”.

Winners will be announced on our social media


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