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5 min readMay 11, 2021

If you haven’t heard of non-fungible tokens or NFTs by now, you might have taken the pandemic isolation recommendations a tiny bit too far. You can turn your internet back on now ;)

Within the past few months, NFTs have taken the financial sector and the art world by storm. The fact that the concept of owning something digitally can exist is a complete game-changer for collectors and artists alike. This technological opportunity could have an unimaginable impact on how we use the internet, build communities, reconcile our value to existing platforms and most importantly how we value erotic art and its creators.

nftreats confirmed featured artists & performers: MySweetApple

The traditional art market is flawed. That is no secret. It makes surviving for non-mainstream artists nearly impossible, upholding outdated and harmful power structures and incentivising exploitation.

NFTs allow for a much more transparent relationship between collectors and creators. With this technology, how much money you have in your bank account or which auction house manager or art dealer you’re playing golf with on Sunday afternoon, won’t have anywhere near as much of an impact on your ability to find success in the NFT creative market.

A key component of this new model is that the artists themselves will finally be the largest beneficiaries of this new creative ecosystem — a long-needed shift of power that many are hopeful will lead to a more diverse, just and overall more creative art world.

Adult content creators will shape the future of NFTs

Looking at the concept of NFTs, and all their positive effects for creators, made it pretty obvious to us that there is one industry and one particular type of artist who should be involved in this global movement: adult content creators. The adult industry, which already has a reputation for being a tech pioneer, is starting to reach out to the crypto community, looking for ways to get involved.

The incorruptible nature of NFTs could potentially turn out to solve some of pornography and adult content’s most pressing issues: age verification, illegally recorded and/or uploaded content, the global rise of censorship of sexually explicit content. NFTs are set to give back protection, security and value to the most important people in this industry: performers themselves.

nftreats confirmed featured artist: Daisy Ducati is the world ́s first blockchain marketplace for creators and lovers of erotic art. We combine powerful new technologies with an artistic community that values inclusion, integrity, transparency, respect of rights, privacy, security and fair exchange of value.

We embrace erotic content as a valuable form of art and sex work as respectable employment that deserves a fair and safe marketplace for fans, collectors and creators to come together.

As a company, we want to help sex workers and other creators to enter the NFT market by providing them with educational tools. We want to become a new home free of censorship, judicial harassment or other forms of discrimination. We believe that it is essential to the future of blockchain technology that the space becomes even more inclusive and welcoming for marginalised groups, uplifting creators from different backgrounds and talents.

Our technical approach

The marketplace will be run on fully audited L2 solutions to increase efficiency and lower gas fees, increasing accessibility for artists and collectors. We’ll be using a sidechain for the transactions on our marketplace. This will allow our users to reap these benefits while still being able to access the thriving secondary NFT market which is currently on Ethereum L1.

New ways to engage with erotic artists and performers

Through unlockable content, available to collectors of NFTs we can now create novel ways to interact and engage with artists and performers. An example of this is, if you collect a certain number of NFTs from the performer you could unlock a customised video, performance or a one on one video call with the performer. All this will be done in a consensual, transparent and secure way.

nftreats confirmed featured artist: @nonothinginc

Long-term vision

We will transition into a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. This means the platform will be run as a public good, by the community, for the community. For example, creators and collectors on the platform can decide how the fees from the platform will be spent, whether there should be any fees at all or even propose or vote on what new features to bring to the platform/protocol. We’ll also be bringing social functions to the platform to allow creators and loves of erotic art to have a space online free of censorship where they can celebrate erotic content.

Governance token

Running nftreats as a DAO will require a governance token. Tokens will be rewarded to users and positive actors in the nftreats community and will allow them to vote on the issues mentioned above. We will have a pre-sale and fair launch of the tokens in summer 2021 as well as airdropping tokens to members of our community who engage with the auctions, more details on this coming soon.

Visit for more info is open for artist submissions

nftreats is now accepting artist submissions in preparation for the official launch of our website.

To submit an application, simply click on the following link and fill out the submission form:

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An inclusive, passionate and open nft platform for lovers and creators of erotic art