product demo: take a sneak peek at the nftreats marketplace
2 min readJul 29, 2021

Nftreats marking our first big move towards launching the NFT world’s first sex-positive and inclusive NFT Platform. Take a sneak peek at our marketplace in all its glory!

Here’s a summary of what is waiting for you on

1. No Gas fees

Accessibility and inclusivity are important to us. Therefore, nftreats pays for gas fees on behalf of the creators. We want to make sure fees don’t get in the way of your art career.

2. Secondary Sales Royalties

All creators receive 20% in secondary sales royalties. Forever.

3. Wishlist

A wishlist of all the erotic NFTs you wish to collect on nftreats will be available!

4. Multiple Payment Options

You’ll be able to take payments in Multi FIAT Currency, Crypto and Physical Commodities.

5. User curated galleries

Users will be able to curate their own galleries and receive a curators fee. Coming soon!

6. Creator KYC

Automated KYC is for creators. Collectors can stay anonymous.

7. L2 Solution

Your NFTs will be ERC721. & ERC1155 tokens on the polygon network.

8. Clean NFTs

Minting on the Polygon side chain uses as much power as sending an email! 99% less power consumption than Etherium Network

9. Dark Mode

We’re all about aesthetics and we want you to be able to personalise your experience on nftreats as much as possible. Get excited about our dark mode feature.

10. Creator Sales Splits

The ability to split sales between multiple creators will be available soon. Art is almost always a team effort. We want to offer ways to honour the team behind the art fairly and equally.

11. Collaborator Royalties

Customisable royalty splits between multiple creators are coming soon!

Come join our Discord Channel to stay informed and chat with the community. Nftreats is launching in August 2021. Our early community is extremely important to us and early adopters of our platform will be rewarded later down the line. More info about community rewards coming very soon!



An inclusive, passionate and open nft platform for lovers and creators of erotic art